Him and the Others, were formed in 1964, when drummer Keith Giles and bassist Lennie Shaw, left their former group and decided to start a new group with local vocalist George Demetrious.

After placing adverts in Melody Maker, guitarists Colin Roche and Geoff Gibbs completed the line-up.

The group soon built up a following playing top clubs around London and the home counties, and supported many of the major top acts, as well as backing group to chart singer Peter Fenton. They also appeared in the British made film, Mini Weekend, filmed during one of their many gigs at top London club, Tiles.

They made one record on the Parlophone label, which received rave reviews, but never acheived chart success.

In 1967, Following Lennie Shaw's departure from the group, they changed their name to The Hand.
With Geoff Gibbs switching to bass, they become more progressive/blues orientated.

The band split up completely around a year later. George and Geoff went on to form George Paul Jefferson, Keith Giles joined progressive band, Fortis Mentum, whilst Colin Roche went back to his love of the blues forming a band with Paul Rogers, who later went on to form Free.

I Mean It/She Got Eyes That Tell Lies (Parlophone R 5510) 1966

This 45 was a well respected slice of English garage band music.
You can also check out the flip side, which is brilliant and one of the top five freakbeat rarities on Chocolate Soup For Diabetics, Vol. 2 and the Chocolate Soup CD.
The 'A' side is a pretty gritty number too. In 1967 they became The Hand.

Quote from "The Tapestry of Delights"
The Hand (kaftans were the in thing that summer!)
Geoff looking on at one of Keith's epic drum solos

Him & The Others appear on the following compilations:
Beat It - CD (Underworld, 1991)
Chocolate Soup For Diabetics - CD (Reverberation)
Chocolate Soup For Diabetics #2 - LP (Acid, 1981)
Purple Pill Eaters - CD (Paranoid, 1998)
Purple Pill Eaters - LP (Paranoid, 1998)
That Driving Beat #1 - CD (Past & Present, 2000)
That Driving Beat - LP (Past & Present, 2001)

Him and the Others reunion 47 years on, without George unfortunately who can't be traced. January 2015.
Lunch with our No.1 fan, DJ Ian Grinham, who made it all possible.

A year later - January 2016. The full reunion!
Thanks to some stirling work from Lenny and DJ Ian, George was finally traced!

Photo right with DJ Ian Grinham, plus Roger Meally & Pat Costello, (Writers of 'I Mean It'/She's Got Eyes')

Following the break-up of Him and the Others/The Hand, George Demetrious was approached by song writers Pat Costello and Roger Meally,
(who had written "I Mean It" for Him and the Others), to record a new song, "Looking for my mind".

Following the recording on the Fontana label, a group was formed consisting of George on vocals, Geoff Gibbs on bass, guitarist (and old mate from Little Boy Blues), Steve Langston, drummer Bob Salmons, and organist, John Stock.

Although not acheiving chart success, the band played all over England, including several gigs at London's prestigeous "Playboy" club, as well as "Sibylla's", "Scotch of St. James", etc. Also a month in Germany playing U.S. bases, Heidelberg, and Bad Hersfeld, plus a residency at "The Papagayo" club, in St. Tropez, France.

Following, financial set-backs, and dodgy management, the band broke up a year or two later.

Looking for my mind/Out of place (Fontana TF923 267 829 TF) 1968

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